J20 Jet


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The US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the Chinese J-20 Appear to share some design features.

5th Generation Chinese Fighter Jet With Stealth Capabilities

Could the J-20 be the start of a new arms race for tactical fighter aircraft?

China's J-20 stealth fighter jet has become big news, especially because of its testing during the visit of US Defense Secretary Robert Gates during his visit to China. This advanced fighter jet design has created several surprises for military analysts, who had not expected to see this level of technology out of China for several years. Meanwhile, the advanced strike fighter being rolled out by the US is plagued by delays and cost overruns, but efforts to scale back the problem may meet resistance now that a credible threat to air supremacy has appeared from China instead of from the Russian federation. With advanced technologies and stealth cababilities, the J-20 fighter may play a big role in any potential conflict related to Taiwan, North Korea, disputed islands, Tibet, or other parts of China. Similarly, the Russian military may also be nervous considering that China and the USSR fought a border war in the 1960s and now there appears to be a better jet fighter that could defend territorial interests closer to China than the US..

Notes and Special Information

Special note: It usually takes several years to deploy advanced jet fighters and bombers, and then they can be flown for years after that, which is why we still see people flying F15 and B52 aircraft that were expected to be obsolete decades ago.